Vanhelgd will play Kill-town Deathfest 2020

KTDF announcement #4: Tonight we are announcing a band that played the second edition of KTDF, when they were still quite fresh. Now 9 years later, they have released 3 full length albums since, so we thought it was about time to bring back one of Swedens best contemporary death metal bands. A band with a great sound, amazing aesthetics and fresh home from supporting At The Gates, we are delighted to welcome back Swedens finest; VANHGELD!!!

Vanhelgd plays dirty, dark and atmospheric death metal with desperate vocals. Listening through their discography you will find a diverse collection of songs ranging from traditional European death metal, some d-beat, some folk music saturated doom and even some songs leaning towards black metal.

The band started in late 2007 and have refined their sound with every release and made their own path along the way. Their fifth album “Deimos Sanktuarium” was released in October 2018 and got the same great reception as both “Temple of Phobos” (2016) and “Relics of Sulphur Salvation” (2014).

As for now the show at Kill-town death fest will be the first, and one of very few, shows in 2020. Vanhelgd are planning to start writing a new album this year but we haven’t played in Denmark since Kill-Town 2011 and we have waited since then to return.

The band says; “The festival and line-up is always great and it will be one of the highlights in 2020 for us for sure!”

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